Friday, September 24, 2010

3 Amazing Art Car Drawings by Eric Carlos Bertrand

Wow Bus Art Car Drawing by Eric Carlos Bertrand The Real Wow Bus Art Car
Wow Bus
These Art Car drawings were created by artist Eric Carlos Bertrand who was inspired by real Art Cars. He currently resides in Montreal and has taken the art car as a source of inspiration for researching the possibilities for viable version of the "ship of fools", a old imagery related to the tradition of the carnavalesque. Read his web site detailed info.

Three of the art cars I found were posted on Art Car Central a while back so I wanted to show the world how good his art work is. Eric has some really impressive drawing skills and a hole lot of patience, personally I would rather glue stuff on my art car.
Duke Drawing Art Car by Eric Carlos Bertrand Duke Art Car by Rick McKinney
Duke Art Car
Dj Mobile Art Car Drawing by Eric Carlos Bertrand Real Mobile DJ Art Car
Mobile DJ Art Car

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