Thursday, July 17, 2008

6 ways to know you own an Art Car - WOW Bus case in point

The WOW bus is a 1986 Ford on sale for a mear $130 million dollars. It has 25 Thousand Pieces and $640 worth of glue that added 2000 pounds and took 600 hours to complete!. If you look closely you will see a kitchen sink on there as well and has more silicone than Hollywood would know what to do with.

You might have an art car when:

1) The only thing holding the car together is the silicone

2) The junk on the car is worth more than the car

3) You can't remember what car you had when you started

4) Gluing garbage to your car is a vast improvement to car

5) Every day is parade day

6) What most people call O.C.D. you call A.R.T.

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