Thursday, July 3, 2008

Star Wars Art Cars - Only for the hardcore!

There is nothing that says "I am a die hard Star Wars fan" than making your ride look like an X-wing starfighter, Landspeeder or something else. And only in this country can we get away with it, either as street legal daily riders or Burning Man mutant vehicles. There is also a group called Road Squadron and a flickr group by the same name dedicated to all who own a Star Wars Art Cars, and a lot of the ones below came from there. I guess if you live in high traffic, high road rage areas you need a fighting machine that could vaporise the occasional jerk who cuts you off. Explain that to the cops!

Jawa Sandcrawler art car by Declan McCullagh

Landspeeder at Burning Man

JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank at Burning Man by the "Donk" is also for sale at Amazon

Millenium Falcon by Sandra Deacon
Photo from Road Squadron

Red Five X-wing by Katie Horn
Photo from Road Squadron

H-Wing Starfighter by Shawn Crosby

Another Landspeeder

Star Wars Trabant from Hungary
Photo from Road Squadron

Stormtrooper Ranchero by Sharon Bronson
Photo from Road Squadron

Darth Mall Van
Photo from Road Squadron

X-Wing Truck by Jason Volk
Photo from Road Squadron

Liberator by Shawn Crosby

Cyberbike by Shawn Crosby

Photo by steev-o

This is an actual fully functional armored car with a 320 HP v8 Engine
Photo by cryogenesys

Photo by Joel Boonstra

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