Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Ever Desert Jet Ski-Margaritaville Jet Ski

First Ever Desert Jet Ski-Margaritaville Jet Ski
here is the skinny on this first ever Desert Jet Ski via

When the project started early November 2003 I knew exactly what I was after: “The Evolution of a Jet Ski”. I was in search of a watercraft to build my little bit of Paradise. A friend of mine showed up with this poor, mistreated, abused and beaten body of a wave runner. I went to work on her. And when I fired up the first set of lights on her engine cowl and stood in front of her, I knew that she was in fact alive and ready for her new life. Rita was built from a 10 ft Kawasaki wave runner and a Murray lawn tractor. (best thing that ever happened to a Murray). It was literally like attaching a 2x4 to a rock! Now She is an Art Car. An Art Car is a vehicle that is transformed into art, where Her body becomes the canvas.

Rita now sits on a John Deere frame as of 7/12/08. Ready to go with a hydrostatic transmission.

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