Thursday, April 9, 2009

Art Truck Bed By Patrick Amiot- A Great Place to Crash

Patrick Amiot Art Truck Bed
I found this art truck bed yesterday photo taken by David Bacigalupi and I had to post it on art car central. The funny thing is that hours later on my walk around Sebastopol California I decided to go visit my friend Patrick Amiot who creates the most amazing and whimsical sculptures made from junk. His work is all around town and many are located on Sebastopol's famous Florence street. He is also the creator of the Shark Art Car and has many more art cars on his web site. So I am chatting away with Patrick and Brigitte in the back studio when he offers to give a tour of the house. The first stop was the bedroom and what did I see??? This amazing Art Truck Bed right there just like in the picture. It was totally weird how only hours ago I had made a mental note to put it up on my blog. After I saw it I knew it had to put it up, and so here it is. I love how it has the gas tanks for bed posts and the old GMC grill. 

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