Monday, February 9, 2009

Wrought Iron VW - Heavy Metal Bugs Hit the Road

via kodac
Joe Gomez of San Antonio, Texas, relates that "One day when I was in bed, I dreamt that I was building a wrought iron car. I woke up, ran to the kitchen and got some paper, and started sketching. My wife thought I was crazy.Everything on this car is handmade, nothing is factory. It took me a little bit better than nine months. The reason I chose the Volkswagen is because the motor's in back -otherwise I'd have all the fumes in front." The car brought more customers to Gomez's wrought-iron company than he could handle, and he soon retired. He later found out that two other people have made wrought-iron Volkswagen's! And here are some more of them

Photo and links below by iamthemaintrain

1. Metal Beetle, 2. ROT IRON, 3. vw iron work, 4. wedding car, 5. RotIron1, 6. Joe Gomez - wrought iron VW bug, 7. Air Conditioned Bug, 8. CIMG0027, 9. Rod Iron VW, 10. IMG_3719, 11. ROT IRON, 12. Wrot Iron VW Bug, 13. IMG_3717, 14., 15. Day 203: No blind spots on this car...., 16. IMG_3764

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