Monday, February 9, 2009

Hamburger Harley - I want fries with that.


Harry Sperl has created one of his long time dreams.

The dream ... a hamburger motorcycle. That's right!! A Harley-Davidson trike fashioned to look like an exact replica of a hamburger; And this burger's got all the trimmings.

With cheese, pickles, onions, lettuce, and tomato, not to mention a side of fries and a shake, this bike is gonna make your mouth water when it goes by. You'll be able to see the steam coming off the medium rare beef patty, of course its rigged that way.

Airbrush artist Chris Cruz is responsible for the detailed paint work on the entire burger trike, from the melting cheese front tender, to the ketchup bottle shock covers.

Involved in every step of the production of the trike, Harry says, "This is just the beginning'. Harry intends to construct a hamburger golf cart and a hamburger drag car. But the next project,now that the trike is done, will be the Hamburger Museum, according to Harry.

The Hamburger Museum building will, of course, look like a double bacon cheeseburger, and will be the resting place for Harry's elaborate hamburger collection.

Harry owns over 500 burger replicas of all sizes and all kinds of materials from plastic to glass, and owns over 1000 burger related items like posters, pictures, and memorabilia from all restaurants. It would take Harry too long to build the museum by himself financially, so he is looking for a sponsor to help with his dream to display his collection.

And why has Harry been collecting burgers for over 7 years, he loves to eat them. To Harry hamburgers are an important part of his life. Originally from Germany Harry feels the hamburger is Americana. He loves burgers because they are an icon of the United States.

Harry still goes burger hunting at flea markets or anywhere there may be burgers. Harry currently displays his burgers in his home in Daytona Beach, and holds an open house once a year to show off his collection.

Copy from Hamburger Harley

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