Saturday, December 20, 2008

Art Car Godfather David Best on a roll

There is no better way to describe David Best other than the Godfather of art cars. He is an internationally-renowned American sculptor, well-known for building immense temples out of recycled wood sheets at Burning Man festivals. He also known for his thirty or so art cars and two buses made from recycled materials and found objects, often retrieved from dumps and dumpsters. The David Best video best shows his process as he and a team of people take apart an old Cadillac to be reborn in and amazing art car. The funny thing is that I've seen his cars around on the Internet but had no idea who made them until I did a search and found all these cars under his name.

Rhino Art Car

Temple Art Bus

by Delta Niner

Beadmobile Art Car

by Bagel!

by That Car

by Tim_Klein

64 Cadillace Coupe de Ville

by Tirch

by Art Car Mark

"Milan Car" Cadilac art car

by blacklightsrus

by localcolorist

by WayWard or Michael

by Frank Synopsis

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