Saturday, December 20, 2008

5 Hot Animal Hybrids - Salvage Specials Art Cars

Salvage Special Hybrid is the ultimate gas saving vehicle that is powered by a live animal. All you need is just to go down to the local scrap yard and pick your self the body style that says "you". Make sure its totally stripped of unnecessary options like power windows, engine, seats and the 10 CD changer. All you need is four or two good wheels depending on the number of people you will be transporting. Are you single or a family of 8? The power source is most important because now you are dealing with a live animal with personality. The Choices are, Camel, Cow, Horse, Mule or Donkey, pick wisely.

Good for long distance and rough terrain, but have humps so you have to pick the right body style to fit on top. Some walking required.

Slow but will get you there, eventually. Good in wet terrain.

Good speed but cover very short distances. In town use only.

Good for rough terrain, heavy loads and can cover large distances.

Strong and can haul a lot of weight but are stubborn and may take a longer route. You might have to get more than one and may need solar panels to supplement power.

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