Monday, November 24, 2008

Go Vegan Art Car Limo - "Big Vegan" going after "Big Burger"

Photo by zephrene

The main message

Happy animals although I haven't had a monkey burger lately.

Tasty vegan snacks nicely arranged on leather seats

There is no better way to say "Go Vegan" than with a nicely painted stretch Vegan Limo Art Car, which sounds like an oxymoron at first. I guess if you are living in Texas you have to compete with all the other big stuff around. First there was "Big Oil" now there is "Big Vegan" coming around trying to mess with "Big Barbecue" and "Big Burger". I guess you won't be putting any long horns on the hood any time soon? I found this limo art car on Walking the Vegan Line inspired by vegan artist Peter Max for the 21st annual Houston Art Car Parade, a vegan-themed entry by the  Society of PEACE!. Nice Job!!!!

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