Sunday, November 23, 2008

Atomic Ride Art Car - Back to the Future with Mad Max

Atomic Ride Art Car

The Lumick Art Car

I received these two amazing art cars from Mel who apparently has two more and a fifth on its way. The only way I can best describe both of his cars are "Back to the Future with Mad Max". His daily driver is an 88 Chevrolet called the Atomic Ride build in 2004, that won first place in the specialty class at a car show. It has air, tilt, cruse, CD player and a light bar that puts out 360 degrees of light. The second car is a 96 Chevrolet Lumina, that has 76 Buick La Sabare rear fenders and trunk lid called The Lumick. Although street legal he never drives it to the city but it's a big hit with the kids at parades. I am sure you are going to want to find out more about his other cars so you may contact Mel if you need more info. Mel you have done a great job and it seems you have found the secret to being a kid a heart. Let us know when the fifth car is done and we will post that one as well.

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