Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Button King - Art Car Covered in Buttons

Photo By Harrod Blank
Button Hearse is also represented by the Art Car Agency

Dalton Stevens also known as The Button King, got his start as a result of suffering from insomnia. It got really bad in 1983 and he stayed up all night sewing buttons to his denim suit. He finished nearly three years later with 16,333 buttons that weighted 16 pounds. He then went on to glue 3,005 buttons to his guitar, 517 buttons to his shoes. He also covered a Hearse, a Chevrolet Chevette, a casket and a toilet as seen in the picture. He also wrote Insomniac Shuffle and Poppin' Buttons and recently opened The Button King museum for anyone interested in seeing his complete button covered works.
For more detailed bio and photos see link

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