Monday, June 23, 2008

Art Car Covered in Dentures - ChewBaru

Art Car Covered in Dentures - ChewBaru
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This 1995 Subaru called "ChewBaru" is covered in approximately 70 pounds of dentures, 60 pounds of dental impressions, photos and illustrations from old dental school books, empty toothpaste tubes, and other items related to dentistry. It was created by artist and motorcycle rider Rex Rosenberg from Kansas. This car reminded me when my grandfather would pop his dentures in and out of his mouth during dinner just to gross mom out. That and all the other cool things he showed me, is what made him my favorite grandfathers. Thanks Rex for bringing back all those good times to mind:)

VW BugWing Art Car
He is also the creator of the "BugWing" art bike, a VW shell cut in half, mounted on a 1981 Gold Wing and turned into a three wheeled vehicle.
For the complete story see link.

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