Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tank Goes Balloonistic at Kids Party

 Balloon Tank by Idee Inges

This balloon tank was created by German artist Idee Inges who takes symbols of childhood parties and transforms them into a war tank: The quintessential weapon of destruction. Celebration and destruction? Or perhaps the celebration of destruction? I don't know what that means really I just found this on The Dirt Floor and it seemed just right to add it to my ever expanding collection of art tanks. Its very interesting to see two diametrically opposed objects brought together in a form of a tank made up of balloons, not so good for war but very good for birthday parties.

 Balloon Tank by Idee Inges

 Balloon Tank Deflating by Idee Inges
 Balloon Tank Deflated by Idee Inges
 Balloon Tank Clean Up by Kids by Idee Inges
Kids 1 - Tank 0

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