Monday, February 7, 2011

The Strange Story of the Vanny Van Art Car

The Strange Story of the Vanny Van Art Car

The internet is a strange place and sometimes interesting people email me with interesting art car submissions. The Vanny Van is one of those art cars that was submitted to me covered in hand written notes and stickers put on by all kinds of people along the way.

The Story of Vanny Van
Year one
I was born in some kind of car baby making factory called Dodge. It was 1999 and I was a BIG baby. They named me Ram, which was good because at my first Dealership School I was scared. The ride there was great! We didn’t even have to walk at all. A big, long, huge truck carried me and a few others to our new school. We were all excited. I got to ride on the top which was AWESOME!! So many different cars and people would drive past us. I smiled and waved at all of them.
When we got there I met so many kinds of cars, new and old. The old ones would teach us about patience and how you can tell what families are good families and the bad ones that won’t take good care of you. The Rusty Ones, as we kids called them, would tell us of their great adventures around the United States. How some have had many different families and how they have waited a long time at Dealership School to have new ones. They passed their time with their teachings. As the days would go by, me and my friends would meet new and learn about all kinds of people. Many of my friends would get new families and be off in their new lives. My first year I waited.

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