Monday, November 8, 2010

Pirate Ship Engineering Marvel at Burning Man

pirate ship burning man mutant vehicle side
pirate ship burning man mutant vehicle front
 This Pirate ship called the Lost Ship, seeing here cruising the hi desert seas of Burning Man is modern marvel of art and engineering. For more details I would suggest going to their blog so you can see a more detailed view of how they put it all together.

Captain Andy started dreaming of a pirate ship with a huge mechanized wheel during his first visit to Burning Man in 2004. As a structural engineer and experienced metal sculptor, Andy has a head full of design know-how, a knack for aesthetics, and a drive to creatively reuse and salvage metals that are otherwise bound for the recycle bin. The prospect of creating an “art car” from scratch gave him an opportunity to combine these three gifts on a grand scale. Six years later the Pirate ship made its maiden voyage to this years Burning Man. via

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