Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Milking it at Burning Man on Milktropolis Mutant Vehicle

Milktropolis Mutant Vehicle at Night with Lights
The Milktropolis mutant vehicle was built by Jon Zensius, Bob Dow, Natalie Zensius and Stephanie Rose for this years burning man event. This project took 9 months of hard work and was a test of their skills, friendships and marriages.

It's wood and fiberglass and a wee bit of steel in the corners on a Ford Explorer body. The Cereal Bowl seats 8 and the carton accommodates 4. There are 100 hand sewn cereal shaped pillows in the bowl for comfort.

It's driven from up in the carton area and the drive train is done with bike chains from steering wheel to a home brew rotor and back to steering wheel. Gas and brakes are controlled via one of the former power window motors. It also has over 5000 LED lights for night time driving, that runs on a 1000w portable generator.

Passengers have the pleasure of entering Milktropolis via a "spoon" ladder and exit via a pool slide. It was a huge hit and we will returning in 2011 with a few modifications in case you missed it but my only question is 1% or 2%???
Milktropolis Mutant Vehicle under Construction at Burning Man Milktropolis Mutant Vehicle at Burning Man Milktropolis Mutant Vehicle At Burning Man
Milktropolis Mutant Vehicle with Slide View at Dusk Milktropolis Mutant Vehicle and Friends Milktropolis Mutant Vehicle in action at Burning Man Day Time

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