Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nissan Z Art Car Invades The Streets - By Ted Mikulski

Ted Mikulski Sharpie Z Art Car

This hand drawn Nissan Z was created by artist Ted Mikulski using paint pens that took 160 hours or 11 days to bring to life. This art car was a reflection of an idea he had that art should not only be designated for areas like galleries and studios, but taken to the streets. The artwork has several themes including Pac-Man, Where's Waldo, Space Invaders (my all time favorite video game growing up), Tetris, Mario and others, all weaved together in a comprehensive abstraction. The car was then clear coated to permanently seal in the art work and was unveiled at the New Britain Museum of American Art in July of 2010. It is no longer a car, its an art car, nice work Ted.

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