Tuesday, December 1, 2009

40 Art Cars on Poles and the famous Spindle

Spindle Car Sculpture By Dustin Shuler
by neopsychedelia

Today I found 40 Art Cars on Poles and other miscellaneous objects, an exhaustive list but I am sure I missed a few. Most of the photos came from flickr, so forgive me for not putting a credit on them all, there way way too many. On of the most famous art car sculptures is called "Spindle" By Dustin Shuler formerly located at Cermak Plaza Berwyn Illinois IL April 2008. This beauty made an appearance in the 1992 film "Wayne's World," with an opening night I will never forget. It consisted of a 50 foot spike with eight cars impaled on it and was taken down on May 2, 2008 to make way for a Walgreens store... complete story here

Train on poleMoving VAn on PoleWhite bike on Poleskater on polevw on polelawn mower on poleurinal on polefighter jet on polefire truck on polegocart on polechain saw on poleMotorcycle on polelicense plates on poleRussian car on polemulti cars on poles
Yellow model T on poleold chevy on poleold red car on polehelicopter on polegreen car on polefirebird on poleconvertible on poleconvertible with dummy on polecar stranded on poleblack model t on poleJeep on poleOld Jeep on polesemi truck on polepickup truck on poleold rusted car on polecrushed mercedes on poleold pink ar on polepink cadilac on polefighter jet on poleWhite mercedes on pole

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