Monday, November 9, 2009

10 Most Amazing Budget Carpools Ever Seen

With the economy what it is, people all over are finding innovating ways to make budget upgrades to cars especially during the hot summer months. All you really need is pickup truck, some tarp, maybe some bungee cords if you can spare the money and a hose preferably with running water on the other end. The best part is that you can set up your carpool anytime, anyplace, you can go solo or invite your less fortunate friends. (Those who don't own a pick up truck). Most Carpools come in a variety of colors, Blue, Black, Silver, Brown or Clear and can be set up in minutes. There are a variety of different Carpools available on the market as seen below.

1) Spring Break Carpool
Spring Break Carpool
Pay close attention to the diver on the right side!!!

2) Junior Science Project Carpooling
Junior Science Project Carpooling

3) Lady's Only Carpooling
Lady's Only Carpooling

4) Solo "Cool Hand Luke" Lady Carpooling

5) Floating Mustache Carpooling
Floating Mustache Carpooling

6) Contemplative Carpool
Contemplative Carpool

7) Solo "Pirate" Dude Carpool
Solo pirate dude carpool

8) Duet Lawn Chairs Carpool
Duet Lawn Chairs Carpool

9) Dumpster Diving Carpool
Dumpster Diving Carpool

10) Truckpool
Should have read the simple instructions during instillation.

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