Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Artistic Licence - The Art and Adventures of Steve Porter

Artistic Licence Art Car By Steve Porter
Artistic Licence Art Car By Steve Porter
Art History By Steve Porter
Art History By Steve Porter
I found this Volvo Art Car this morning called Artistic Licence by Steve Porter. He created it to promote his new music album and also created a video featuring his car. During the summer of 2007, Steve went on tour around Europe in his ArtCar. In total he travelled 3461 miles and visited eight different countries. I like what he wrote on his web site:
"Once upon a time there was a boy who loved making up art and music.He had lots of different ideas and spent many years creating them. Some ideas worked well, some not so well.But he kept on and on, with new songs, pictures and inventions.

When he was more grown up, the boy realised that making things up was the best way for him to feel real and alive. So he tried his very best to make his living through his ideas and creations.

The story continues..."

He also created these really cool custom demo CD packages to send his music out in the mail. He calls it "the greatest demo tape ever". The CD case for his music looks like and old school tape and then stuffed into a custom bubble wrap envelope. I agree this is really a great idea!!!
The greatest demo tape ever
Thanks Steve, I love your work and I wish you the best in all your endeavors:)

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