Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fantasy Porsche Art Car by Wendy Johnson

This Fantasy Porsche Art Car was sent in by Wendy Johnson a Designer and Illustrator who happened to find ACC. Welcome to ACC Wendy and we hope that one day your fanatsy art car may one day become a reality.

Wendy's Fantasy Porsche Art Car.
Fantasy Porsche Art Car
Hi, I found your blog while looking for patterned car reference ... I was working on an illustration for a client. I ended up spending a good part of my afternoon looking at the pictures and links. It was great fun to sit here in my studio and laugh all afternoon, so thanks! I had to forward your link to just about all of my illustrator/designer friends.

I do a little graphic design, sometimes illustration, but mostly surface pattern design for home furnishings. I am attaching part of the illustration I made last week. It is just a fantasy art car. Maybe someday I will find the time to paint my real car.

I just just love your blog, and your car.


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