Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Car Rim Hat revealed at Paris Fashion Week

Shocking fashion wear made with a car hub cap was made by British fashion designer Alexander McQueen. This hubcap wearing model caught my eye only because of the car rim fashioned into a hat for this pour model who had to balance a ton of aluminum on her head. The article was written by Liz Jones and goes on to describe the rest of the show with many more pictures that I dare not post. I am no fashion writer but to me it looks like the fifth element landed in a scrap yard, which is exactly were it was held at this years Fashion Week in Paris. Why post this on Art Car Central you ask? Its car related and its on the artistic side of the spectrum, therefore it belongs as the wackiest thing thus far. Next year I really would like to see Alex give us something in spinner rims and a sound system. Or maybe cover the model in rubber duckies and barbie dolls. Can you imagine a model wearing hydraulic pumps bouncing down the runway?

Model wearing a car rim hat at Paris Fashion Week
Model wearing a car rim hat at Paris Fashion Week

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