Thursday, March 19, 2009

Burly Pink Pedal Powered Tank that shoots Hotdogs

Burly Pink Pedal Powered Tank
Burly Pink Pedal Powered Tank
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This Burly Pink Pedal Powered Tank was built to freak people out at the 2ND annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby. It is a human-powered pink camouflage art tank vehicle that and can soak onlookers in water or vaporized hot dogs. This Pink Tank is the brainchild of a 30-year-old Philadelphia gearhead Vin Marshall who managed to persuade nine of his friends to build the 2,000-pound replica, complete with a functioning pneumatic cannon. The idea was to make this beast human powered so a computer model showed that it could fit hardware for six pedalers and yield about 1.5 horsepower. Using tires instead of tank treads they gave it bicycle-like gearing to get more power from less exertion. They used a salvaged rear differential (which allows wheels to spin independently) from an old truck axle made turning more efficient. It took them 11 days and $3,000 along with suspension and steering from an old Geo Metro and a Ford 150 pickup. The frame and axles were built from scratch, to ensure the tank would not buckle under the tank’s enormous weight. Six old 10-speeds provided the pedals, cranks and bottom brackets. The group replaced the bicycles' regular chain wheels with industrial-grade chains and sprockets to handle the increased load on the transmission.Official Web Site is Tango Echo

Here is also a video and the funny thing is that the there is a clip of the deathmobile from animal house
Episode 5 of the TE Labs Show: Team Pzkpfw

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