Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Very CanDid VW Art Car

CanDid VW Art Car Front
Candid Art Car is a 1971 VW Super Beetle created by Jennifer Larsen. Formerly of Seattle - Candid and Jennifer have been turning heads since 2001 at the Fremont Solstice Festival & Art Car Parade and other various events. Now in Newport, Oregon, and being one of the handful of art cars on the coast, heads turn I think even more!

The paintings on Candid are of the comic strip of the same name by Jennifer. "Candid is my alter ego, Mack Duck is Candid's roommate & voice of reason, and Christof is...well...Christof. I started drawing my comic strip in 1992, and it's developed into this rolling display. Every year something new has to be added...a little glitter, a little more paint, some rust treatments, etc. I moved to the Oregon Coast in 2006, and I've been doing more rust treatments than I like."

"Since 2007, I've tried to organize with other art cartists to visit the coast and drive in the local parade. My reasoning for asking people to drive so far is that I want to expose the coast to the wonderful uniqueness that exists in the world. Thankfully, with my connections I'd made in Seattle and online, I've been joined by some pretty awesome people (we're all pretty awesome)....and I want to thank them. This is a new year, and big things are happening, so hopefully we'll have even MORE art cars to drive in the parade!"

The thing that I get asked most often: "That's YOUR car?!"

Jennifer Larsen

CanDid VW Art Car Side
CanDid VW Art Car Side

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