Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1-year-old girl gets her very own toy pen art car.

Girl in her toy pen car
My smallest daughter has always been fascinated by my Mercedes Pens Art Car covered in 10,000 pens. And every time she sees it she wants to go over, sit on the car and play with the pens. So I decided for her first birthday that she needed her own pen car so I "penned her ride" as well with crayola caps and other colorful felt tips. I even tried to spell out her name on the front. She loves her Toy Pen Art Car and now that its raining we brought in the house and she sits in it while watching her favorite DVDs, with her feet up on the dashboard. The only problem is that she managed to take off all the pens on the other side. No worries, daddy will fix it.

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