Sunday, January 11, 2009

Oldest Vintage Art Car on Record from 1929

This 1922 Dodge camper conversion art car was created by June and Farrar Burn and an autobiography was about in June Burn's book "Living High". more...

quote from Living High.

"June and Farrar lived full and interesting lives free of materialistic indignities. June wrote, 'The secret of living on so small an income is to not want anything.' Farrar said he was happiest when he was broke and out of work. It gave him complete financial security. They put much trust in life and didn't waste a minute of it." - Skye Burn, Waldron Island, 1992.

This spectacular photo of the Ballad Bungalow and the Burn family was taken sometime in early 1929 on G Street in Washington, D.C. Farrar's handywork is seen here with the mini-cabin and smokestack atop their Dodge Brothers automobile.

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