Friday, January 9, 2009

Dotmobile Art Car by Little Shiva -

This minimalist BMW named the "Dotmobile" art was sent in by Little Shiva. Her web site has a wide range of some pretty amazing works of art mainly using trash and other found objects, check it out. Anyways this is what she had to say about her self.

When she's not fingerpainting on Mars or curating Visible Trash, Little Shiva is probably dreaming of The Dotmobile, plotting and scheming on how to get her shipped to Europe as part of traveling trash art expo in 2010. Stranded in Charlotte NC without a car back in the early 00's, Little Shiva put out a call and a kind soul answered. Dave Neff had driven his prized Beemer into a ditch and crunched her up a bit. Too embarrassed to sell her given the twisted shape she was in, he was about to give her to the scrapyard when fate intervened – Little Shiva got her for a dollar. A year or so later after returning from her first trip to Burning Man, Little Shiva decided to start the transformation . . . and Dot was born. Moving to Belgium in 2007 meant leaving Dot behind: she's currently the art car-in-residence at the Juggling Gypsy in Wilmington, NC.

Dotmobile Art Car

Dotmobile in process by Little Shiva

Dotmobile video, sound: Le Forbici di Manitu

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