Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SUV House Art Car - Environmental Menace Next Door

I don't know why but this goofy ad caught my eye about some sort of CO2 reducing program by PG&E that is supposed to reduce your carbon foot print for only $5 a month. First we were taught to look down on SUV owners and now we are being trained again to look down on big house owners. Superimposing the two images does a nice job of associating the big house with the SUV which will eventually create the desired hatred for the "evil" SU-House. This program is voluntary but one day this too will be mandatory by PG&E.

Its not an SUV House Art Car but regardless of what you think, many questions arise from this image:

1. Do you call a mechanic or a carpenter for repairs?
2. Home owners insurance or car insurance?
3. Are parts expensive?
4. Does the heater also have a defogger setting?
5. Can it be toed away if build in a bad spot?
6. Does it oil leak in the basement?
7. Do you have to do a smog check every year or is it exempt?
8. Do you have to wear seat belts when sleeping?
9. Does it come with cup holders in the kitchen?
10. Will Dad actually turn this house around if the kids don't quit fighting in the back seat?
11. Does it come with a roof rack?
12. Does the cold weather package include extra blankets?
13. Can you get OnStar in case you lock your keys in the house?

The list goes on, please let me know if you have any more.

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