Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bottle Cap Art Car

Stephanie made her 1993 Honda Accord into an art car - covering it with bottle caps we collected over the winter. A couple years ago, we went to Louisville, Kentucky for their annual Art Car Weekend, and had a blast. We were lucky enough to get much of the car finished to attend the Art Car Show this year.

We're replacing the Honda, which is her currently daily driver, with a new little VW Rabbit, which just arrived. The Honda is in pretty good shape, but just turned 200,000 miles and essentially has no trade-in value.

So there was no reason not to hold on to it and have some fun. Stephanie toyed with several different design ideas, but finally arrived at an intersection of the art car she's always wanted, and her childhood love of bottle caps. Her dad even dug her original collection out of the garage attic and brought them to us.

We collected and sorted bottle caps all winter long, with the help of friends and the nice folks at the restaurant Ralph's Great Divide.

We finished the project up on November 1st, so that we could turn the car over to her niece. We finished up the whole car except for the roof, and Raven will be working on that.

The project was lots of fun and really entertaining, and we're already planning to do another one.

Via Bottle Cap Art Car Project on Flickr

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