Friday, November 21, 2008

Auto-Morph Art Car - Car for the Tin Foil Hat Crowd

Via Coast to Coast
If you are into conspiracy theories and or walk around the house with a tin foil hat this car is for you. Inspired by Coast to Coast, Jared Nicholson of Charlotte, "brother in the Galactic Renaissance", from North Carolina is the creator of the Auto-Morph Art Car. This art car is made from a pattended organic compound he developed called "Skratch." which has the ability to conduct a magnetic field and can be used to make earth ships to spaceships, habitats and beyond. This material also has the potential for storing information and energy and the future applications he says are "mind blowing". Its a great looking car and the fins are a cross between Batman meets Poseidon meets King Arthur meets the Mafia in a dark alley in some chop shop in New York. Very nice work and I do hope one day you will get to build that space ship.

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