Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hoop the King of Art - And All His Other Art Cars

I have wanted to write about this amazing character named Steven Hooper, or Hoop (the self proclaimed King of Art) for a while now so here he is. He started doing art cars in the East Village about 20 years ago when he was doing performances and parties at clubs all around the area. His motivation for doing all this is to bring art to the average person on the street. His work has been shown at over 40 museums and gallery shows (Chelsea Art Museum, MOMA, Fusion Arts etc.) television and the news media. He currently lives in Clifton, New Jersey where he takes care of his mother, but still takes the time to go back to SOHO to let people ogle at his street art. Below are a list of most of his art cars and a video. Nice work HOOP!!!!!!!!!

Royal Hoopmobile Art Car

Hi-Tek Hoop Van

Hoop's Hearse Art Car

Hoopomobiles Misc. Art Car

Car Photos above By Harrod Blank, Art Car Agency

Hoop's Head Car

Hoop Time Machine Art Car

Hoop Match Box Art Car

Hi-Teck Hoop Art Car

Hoop's Good Luck Truck

Hoop Convertible Art Car

Fiat 850, the Italian Isetta, covered in cans
Photos above via HOOP

Hoop Communication Art Car

Hoop Art Car Video

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