Friday, September 19, 2008

Couch Art Car - 0 to Lazy in no time

Have you ever wanted to achieve a faster state of laziness, but the couch you currently have just doesn't cut it any more? What you need is a motorized couch that will enable you reach laziness at a higher rate than ever before. It will do "busy to lazy" in no time at all. Just make sure you have your favorite beverage and the remote control has fresh batteries and your only job is to choose from a variety of different models.

1) The Super Duper

via ebaumsworld

2) The Speedster

by sk8mama

4) The Cross Country Cruiser

5) The Drive Through

6) The "Yes Dear"

From Boilerbots

7) The London Commuter

via picasaweb

8) The Disco Fever

by Josh Halley

9) The Granny

by r0wb0t

10) The Euro Executive

by GResmer

11) The Old Timer

by Somerslea

12) The Bachelor (still living in his parents basement)

by physis3141

13 The Lawrence of Arabia

by neilcrocodile

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