Thursday, September 18, 2008

15 Creative Uses for Duct Tape - Duct Tape Art Car and Beyond!

1) Designer Man Purse
Duct tape is amazing product, and just like The Force it has a dark side and light side and binds the universe together. In this entry I go beyond just another car covered in duct tape, so I found a million other uses for duct tape and decided to feature the top 15 creative uses out there.
2) Hair Club for Cheap Men

3) U-Save Packing Moving Company

4) College Couch Covers

5) Auto Body Work for The Busy Executive

6) Sexy Lingerie

7) Power Surge Protection

8) Aerodynamic Racing Stripes

9) Superhero Outfit

10) Efficient Office Space

11) Wall Angel Art

12) Baby Sitting

13) Bike Lock

14) Old Fashioned Prom Outfit

15) Sweat Suit

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