Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top 10 Uses for a Frozen Art Car

Now with global warming these frozen art cars will be hot ticket item, no, a cool ticket item. Trees will be exploding all around you from the heat but you'll be all nice and cool with the ac on the "frozen" setting. It could be a melted wasteland out there and still get to work on time. You will literally survive all kinds of man made and natural disasters out there, not to mention other benefits such as:

1) The car floats in case of a flash flood
2) Truly the coldest beer in town
3) You wont feel a thing during a firestorm
4) Tornadoes just slip around you
5) Bullet proof car in a fire fight
6) Ice scream wont melt on the way home... ever
7) Icicles can be broken off and used for self defense
8) You can keep transplant body parts, fresh for weeks on end
9) Can't car jack the car if you can't open the frozen door handle
10) Lawn sculpture

This guy decided that he would quit using his car just like the credit card in the block of ice trick. I want to know what happens when the ice melts in the spring. No, its not an "all terrain" car

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