Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kelly Lyles "Leopard Bernstein" and her Art House

Kelly Lyle's house was featured on HGTV and in is one of the most fun and inspired houses I have seen in a long time. Since this is Art Car Central we do have her art car covered in the wild kingdom of wild cats.

Photo by Bagel!

Leopard Bernstein is a 1989 Subaru DL wagon. We've travelled to art car events and parades all over the U.S. My vehicle is quite modest compared to the other spectacular sculptured, glued, welded, transformed autos you'll see on these links and in my paintings.

Bernie is covered with hundreds of big cats -- lions, tigers, leopards, and cheetahs. He has welded ears and a tail. Driving an art car is a definite ice-breaker at cocktail parties and a definite deterrant to road rage.

My best comment came from a child - "Look mom, it's a party!"

Copy taken from kelly spot

sorry i was a bit lazy on this on!

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